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Carmel Cottage & Loft near Jay Peak

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Carmel Loft is booked solid until the end of September. Book your October Fall Foliage vacation now!

Carmel Cottage is booked solid until the end of August and some early October dates have already been taken. Book your Autumn & winter vacation now!

Some folks have already reserved both rentals for Christmas. It only cost them $300 to reserve and their balance is not due till the end of November. You can do something similar, getting your dates reserved NOW!


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Jim and Linda Cunningham

260 Carmel Rd.

Westfield, VT 05874

Phone: (802) 744-6545




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Rates Non-Winter N.B. Minimum stay-2 nights.


Rates Winter N.B. Minimum stay-2 nights.


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Carmel Cottage near Jay Peak

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